The Story Behind The Passion

Belen Silva, Licensed Esthetician

Welcome to Heavenly Glow!  As a young teenager, I suffered from severe acne. After years and years of trying different medications and over the counter products, nothing seemed to work and I was desperate for a solution. Going to a dermatologist was just not an option since insurance did not cover skin treatments and It was just too expensive. So with my mothers help, we began to do our own research on safe natural home remedies, specifically for my skin condition. 

Twice a week we would get our cleansers, along with our mix of natural ingredients and try different facials. To my surprise and excitement I actually saw improvement on my skin! Oh how I looked forward to my moms facials, and the best part was her amazing relaxing touch. For years I continued my natural skincare home remedies in order to prevent break outs. In 2012 my mother became ill and in an effort to provide comfort while she was in her hospital bed, I gave her the same facials she had given me for years. Seeing that stress free, relaxed, peaceful look in her eyes was beautiful despite the circumstances. That moment made me realize how wonderful it felt to be able to transmit that energy of peace, and tranquility onto somebody else. She just had that heavenly glow in her eyes.

After my mothers passing, I decided to enroll my self into beauty school and learn more about skin treatments. Despite having clear skin, I was very self conscious about my acne scars. My new beauty regimen consisted of getting professional facials, treating my skin to chemical peels, microdermabrasion sessions, and high frequency treatments. The improvement on my skin was amazing! Eager to learn more, immediately after graduating I began working at a medical spa. I gained so much knowledge regarding the actual science behind healthy skin. Seeing my patients skin transformations was the best feeling ever. After years of working at medical spas I decided to venture off on my own and create my own spa, Heavenly Glow. 

If anything sets Heavenly Glow apart it is definitely the passion held close to my heart. I know how it feels to have bad skin and the frustration in not being able to find a solution, I have been there! Not only does Heavenly Glow focus on acne treatments, each facial is customized to the client's specific skin type, whether it is anti-aging, brightening, or a relaxing facial. 

I believe in life balance, and Heavenly Glow offers exactly that. Of course we all want nice skin, and that is exactly what I want for all my clients, we all need and deserve that feeling of tranquility, as well as a moment of peaceful, serenity, in order to reset the soul and mind. I proudly provide all these services with great dedication and passion.  

Belen Silva, Licensed Esthetician