You deserve YOU time

Taking the time to care for ourselves is a powerful rescue remedy for stress. Most self-destructive habits emerge because our busy schedules do not permit enough time to care for ourselves in positive ways. Feeling deprived, we resort to quick fixes like cigarettes, alcohol and other unhealthy habits to make us feel better, at least only temporarly. A frequently ignored contributor of aging is stress. We all experience some kind of stress in our everyday life, in which case sometimes it is inevitable to not feel that way when you are trying to be successful and just efficient in life. Stress can affect us in a variety of ways. Sometimes the body and mind becomes exhausted, when certain deadlines have to be met. We become agitated, nervous, and at times even lose sleep. Unfortunately the lack of sleep can lead to mood changes, and at times us wanting to crawl up under our desk at work and just take a quick nap. Trust me, I have been there. You suddenly begin to see how your skin begins to reflect how tired and exhausted you feel. Ask anyone how they are these days and the usual response is “Good, but busy”. I know, I am guilty of this. While there is nothing wrong with working hard we have to remember that It’s okay to take a quick break. It’s okay to stop for a moment without guilt creeping up on us. We are far from being a nonstop working machine, the physical body, and mind needs to have a moment to reset in order to regain clarity. The amazing benefits of taking time for yourself, is always reflected in us, whether it be in our cleared skin, due to reducing stress which in many cases is the cause of breakouts. The best part of taking time for you, is the confidence boost in your personality, you are suddenly overtaken by a positive outlook in life, which in turn brings a natural  beautiful vibe and glow in your appearance. Self care is no longer a luxury in todays world but a necessity!